28 November 2011

Run ... walk

Last night I had my first attempt at a jog since having MissyMoo3. I'd been feeling a bit bleh all day & wanted to go out for a walk, so Hubby put the MissyMoos to bed while I had some "me" time.

I started off walking. I wasn't sure what my body would be capable of 2 months after giving birth and my fitness had obviously taken a dive since my pre-pregnancy days. Now, I like brisk walking for a purpose, for example getting the shopping done quickly. But I find brisk walking for exercise rather annoying to do. It's awkward and I figure, if I want to go that fast I might as well jog, if not, I can walk at a comfortable pace.

It wasn't yet dark but the evening air was fresh and invigorating. I decided to try a bit of a jog, just to see if I could. I paced myself but started to tire after a couple of minutes so it was back to a walk. I alternated jogging and walking, a couple of minutes each, and arrived back home after about half an hour feeling pretty tired but energised at the same time. A nice bit of exercise in the fresh air by the lake was just what I needed!

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