18 November 2011

We're out of bread

We needed to buy some bread this morning.

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

All you mothers out there know what I'm talking about though, don't you? You know why it's not as simple as ducking out to pick up some bread, why I need to get into the habit of ordering extra bread in my online grocery shop and freezing it, why daily bakery-fresh bread is a luxury unattainable to a person in my position in life.

Today we had no choice. Despite my constant attempts at being organised and efficient, I found myself needing to go to the shops for bread and nothing else. And so it began.

MissyMoo1 (4) went downstairs by herself at which point MissyMoo3 (7 weeks) started crying in her bassinet. So instead of the usual slow but safe escorting of MissyMoo2 (2) holding her hand, I picked her up and took her down, then went back for MissyMoo3. I put MissyMoo3 in the car then went back for MissyMoo2. I carried her, as her shoes were in the car from the day before and I didn't want her walking on the wet concrete in her socks. Second seatbelt done and then it was time for MissyMoo1's which, due to the ... er ... snug configuration of child restraints in the back, requires a Houdini-like hand to click in the sash seatbelt beside the seat.

All in and MissyMoo3 was crying again. MissyMoo1 tried the dummy while I started the car.

Once the car was parked the unloading began. First the pram's frame, then the bassinet which sits on top. MissyMoo1 got out under strict instructions to stay touching the car (to keep out of the way of moving vehicles). I got MissyMoo3 out of the middle & put her in the pram. Then it was over to MissyMoo2's side of the car. I opened the door to find that MissyMoo2 had taken off her shoes and socks. Put footwear back on and got MissyMoo2 out of the car. Put backpack (nappy bag) on & locked car. Held pram with one hand, MissyMoo2's hand with the other and MissyMoo1 "helped" to push the pram.

Arrived at bakery and all through waiting to be served and being served the exchange between MissyMoo1 and I went something like this:
MissyMoo1: "Mum, can I have a balloon?"
Me: "No."
MissyMoo1: "Oh please."
Me: "No."
MissyMoo1: "Oh please, oh please, oh pleeeeaase."
You get the picture.

Bread purchased then back to the car to put everyone back in, see above description.

I understand why some parents leave their kids alone in the car to go shopping. I don't condone it ... but I get it.

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