16 December 2011

Chocolate crackles

Can you believe that until recently I had never made chocolate crackles?

I got the recipe from a cereal box aaaages ago and the recipe looks pretty simple. A few times I had considered making them, looked at the recipe, thought "What on earth is copha?", then walked away.

A few days ago, with online grocery shopping as my friend, I typed "copha" into the search box and lo and behold it appeared!

MissyMoo1 (5) loves to help in the kitchen, but because I'm often in a rush to cook things before the next time MissyMoo2 (11 weeks) needs me, I don't ask her to join me very often. This time was different though. We stood at the kitchen bench, MissyMoo1 on a stool and MissyMoo2 (2) on a chair, and the big MissyMoos took turns at putting the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl. I put in the melted copha and mixed it up, then the MissyMoos had fun putting the mixture into little cupcake patties (and MissyMoo2 also put a fair amount of it into her mouth).

They don't look as chocolatey as they could. Most of the chocolate is at the bottom - I think the copha was still too warm when we mixed it in. Rookie mistake!

4 cups Rice Bubbles
1 cup icing sugar
1 cup dessicated coconut
3 tbsps cocoa
250g copha

1. Put Rice Bubbles, icing sugar, coconut and cocoa into a large mixing bowl.
2. Slowly melt copha in a saucepan on low heat, then allow to cool slightly.
3. Pour copha into mixing bowl, then stir until combined.
4. Spoon mixture into patties and refrigerate until set.

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