13 December 2011

Christmas lights ... unlit

Christmas lights must be just another of those traditions which originated in the northern hemisphere.

We don't really do Christmas lights at our place. We have a set of indoor lights which you can see from our front window, but that's it. It's quite pathetic really.

What we do like to do though is drive around and look at other people's lights. So last night we put the kids in their pjs and started driving around while listening to a Hi 5 Christmas cd to get into the mood. It was before half past 7 at night so it was still light and not many people had turned their lights on. I suppose this wouldn't be an issue where it's winter right now. After about 15mins in the car the MissyMoos were all asleep and it was left to Hubby and I to do some lights spotting.

Maybe it was because it gets dark so late in summer, maybe it was because all those people with solar powered Christmas lights couldn't use them as we've barely seen the sun in 2 weeks, whatever the reason, there wasn't much happening.

The saving grace was a street near ours, which can always be relied on to look magical at this time of year. There are lots of lights and displays there but they're still tasteful and not over the top. We drove by on our way home at 8pm and it was getting dark. The lights were on and it looked lovely.

Maybe when the kids are older, we can go a bit later. In the meantime, it's a good way to get them to sleep!

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