10 December 2011

Karaoke dreaming

A friend of mine posted something on her facebook status today about going out to karaoke tonight and it got me thinking...

I love karaoke and I used to do it all the time before the MissyMoos came along. Have I done it since? To my amazement I realised that, aside from playstation sing star in a couple of living rooms, it's been 6 years since I have done karaoke! No way!

I began reminiscing about the weekly (and sometimes twice-weekly) karaoke sessions in my uni days at the pub down the road from where I lived. After that phase of life was over, karaoke stayed with me when, as a junior lawyer in the city, I would go with fellow graduate friends to a nearby bar after work and win drink vouchers for us in the karaoke competition.

But of course that all stopped once I was pregnant with MissyMoo1. I stopped going out, I stopped drinking, and I pretty much stopped singing.

I don't miss the hangovers or the pub scene, but when all three MissyMoos are screaming for one reason or another and my achievement for the day is having managed to prepare dinner (but not eat it with everyone else as MissyMoo3 felt the need to have her feed at the same time), it's not hard to glimpse some green grass on the "other" side. I might just have to go for a drive around the block one night after the MissyMoos have gone to bed so I can belt out a tune without them being in the car with me!

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  1. I only ever did Karaoke once. I was politely asked to leave by management. True story. Never to be repeated!


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