17 December 2011

Little fish

MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (2) have been doing swimming lessons again this term after a break during the winter months. MissyMoo1 picked up from where she left off and has progressed really well.

MissyMoo2 still has a parent in the pool with her for her lessons. She started the term being very scared of the water and clinging to Hubby like a little koala. She got a bit better each week but firmly refused to put her eyes in the water.

Hubby and I have shared going in the water with MissyMoo2 and I was with her today. Her progress over the last three or four weeks has been remarkable. At that point she asked to wear her goggles but was still worried about putting her face in the water. Today, she was like a different kid. She did heaps of kicking and paddling, and she put her face under water every time without swallowing any!!

It's so rewarding to see her progress. I'm a proud mamma!

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