22 December 2011

MissyMoo3 at 12 weeks

I figured it was about time I posted another update on MissyMoo3 generally, for me to look back at and remember as well as for you to read, as I know from past experience that when looking back on this stage of a baby's life, a lot of it is a blur.

12 weeks is that magical age when things should start getting easier - routines begin to appear if they haven't already and newborn problems like colic are grown out of.

We have some semblance of a routine emerging. There's usually a morning nap of some sort, although it can be quite short. All her day naps are short but somewhere between 7:30pm and 9pm, MissyMoo3 goes to sleep for the night. Last week, she slept through the night most nights, but for the past three nights she has woken for a 2am feeds. I'm hoping we go back to sleeping through - that was brilliant!

Feeding is well and truly established and a lot of the trouble MissyMoo3 had with wind in the early days has settled down.

MissyMoo3 does a lot more with her awake time now. When we're home she likes to sit in her bouncer and tap at her toys. She follows people with her eyes and smiles a lot. It's awkward holding her in the harness so she prefers to sort of "sit" on people's laps facing out for some people watching.

She is putting on weight and her features are constantly changing. She still looks a lot like MissyMoo1 (5) did as a baby, but not as much as she used to. And her hair is falling out. She still has quite a bit at the back and on top (well, more than her sisters did!) but she has little bald and thin patches on the sides.

I'm really happy that she is past that really newborn stage now. I've always found the year comprising pregnancy and the first three months of baby's life to be quite difficult. This is the time when baby begins giving back and there is more immediate reward for all the love and energy that has been put in so far - the smiles, googoo gaga noises, the development of bub's personality. It's exciting!

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