23 December 2011

MissyMoo2's first haircut

The other day I cut a fringe for MissyMoo2 (2).

MissyMoo1 (5) had a fringe at that age and I had been adamant that MissyMoo2 wouldn't have one, as it had been a bit of a pain keeping MissyMoo1's trim and she eventually grew it out.

The other day though I noticed some wisps of new hair growing and falling over MissyMoo2's forehead. It looked a bit like a fringe and it looked lovely. So the decision was made without much fuss.

Out onto the back deck we went. My positivity caught on and MissyMoo2 was happy ... until she saw the scissors. The poor thing was convinced that cutting her hair was going to hurt and she would not believe MissyMoo2 and I telling her otherwise. She wriggled a bit and kept moving her head which made it a bit difficult to cut her hair. But, given her fear, she was actually really good.

Just after I cut it, I had a "what have I done?" moment, as I tried to determine if I had cut it evenly or too short. But it didn't last long.

MissyMoo2 loves her fringe and doesn't need to push hair out of her face all the time. I love it too - it somehow makes her look older and super cute all at once!

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