11 December 2011

Mummy me time

Our big weekend last weekend was immediately followed my me (and MissyMoo3 [10 weeks]) getting a cold. Add into the mix an evening pre-school Christmas concert on Tuesday, out-of-sorts children and a variety of hip harness induced stresses, and you'll understand why over the past few days I've been feeling a little cRaZy.

My wonderful Hubby recognised this and offered to take care of all three MissyMoos so I could have some time-out and a civilised late lunch at my favourite local cafe.

It started well. I got a car park right out the front and didn't have to wait in line to order. The service was fantastic too - I had barely sat down before my coffee - well, decaf - was brought to me at my outdoor table opposite the beautiful lake. I began to relax; take in my surroundings instead of trying to monitor five different things happening at once.

But then I overheard the conversation of the people at table behind me - two parents, an adult daughter and the grandma. Dad was speaking rather tersely to mum at which point daughter began telling dad off and grandma wanted to leave. Voices weren't raised; they didn't need to be. You could have cut the tension with a knife.

I could feel my shoulders tightening at the angst that was being circulated through the air. I didn't turn around. Because I knew that if I did it could have been like a spark in a room with a gas leak. I would have said something. Something like: "I HAVE ONE HOUR, JUST ONE HOUR ON MY OWN, ONE HOUR WITH NO WHINGING, NO CRYING, NO SHOUTING, NO ARGUING. ONE HOUR JUST FOR ME AND I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS?!"

Thankfully, just as I was contemplating moving tables to avoid an explosion of that nature, they left.

And I exhaled.

The rest of the outing was wonderful. I had Camembert and Feta for the first time in about a year and I tried dukkah for the first time - oh wow it tasted amazing! The only thing missing was wine ;-)

I ate my antipasto and gazed out at the lake. And I again began to feel a bit like a person in my own right.

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  1. I am imagining you saying all of that to this family and although it might be something you would look back on and giggle at it really wouldn't have helped your relaxation on the day. I'm glad they moved on and you got to enjoy your time out. It's true that we all need a bit of "Me" time every now and again to stay human.


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