07 December 2011

Our HUGE Weekend

It's Wedneday and we're still recovering from the hangover of a massive weekend of family outings. Now I'm not afraid of a little outing or two, but last weekend was jam packed. Thankfully this sort of thing only happens with us at this time of year. I don't know how some people live like that all the time - they have more energy than me!

First stop was playgroup. Given the day ahead (see below) I would have just not showed up that day but for a couple of things I had to do there. I had to pick up some Avon stuff I'd bought from a friend (needed my new lippies for the weekend!) but also, very importantly, I asked a good friend to be a Godmother to MissyMoo3 (10 weeks).

We lasted about half an hour at playgroup and then had go to our next engagement. The afternoon before, MissyMoo3 had had somewhat of an explosion from the rear end and as a result her hip harness was soiled. So next up it was an extra trip to the hospital so the physio could fit a clean harness.

Well that was our morning gone. MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (2) ate their packed lunches in the waiting room of the paediatric physiotherapy department while I fed MissyMoo3. Then it was a 40 minute drive home for some down time, baths and an important phone call to another friend asking her to also be a Godmother to MissyMoo3.

Next up was Hubby's work kids Christmas party. We were there from just before 5pm until 6pm. We had a sausage sizzle, the kids got awesome presents, MissyMoo1 had a go on the jumping castle and MissyMoo2 sat on Santa's lap.

Then it was off to MissyMoo1's pre-school disco 5 minutes drive up the road. MissyMoo1 had a great time dancing with her friends, MissyMoo2 adopted underneath a table as a cubby house and MissyMoo3 fed and tried to sleep, which was difficult. With two older sisters, MissyMoo3 is used to noise. The music wasn't so much of a problem as the intermittent high pitched a screaming of a toddler at the table next to us.

We left the disco at 8:30pm - 1 hour after the MissyMoos' bed time.

Morning : swimming lessons for MissyMoo1 and MissyMoo2.

Afternoon: friends came over to visit. The boys went downstairs, drank beer and watched cricket. The big girls stayed upstairs, fed their babies , chatted and watched the little girls play. It was a really good afternoon and went really quicky, as good times tend to do.

My work kids Christmas party. It was at a farm about an hour's drive from our place (the one we nearly went to for MissyMoo2's 2nd birthday). We left home at 9:30am and got home at about 3:30pm. It was a great day out - lots of animals to play with and bottle-feed, awesome presents for the kids and a visit from Santa. It was a gorgeous sunny beginning-of-summer day until about ten minutes before we left when a storm hit; we had to make a run for the car and, thanks to great teamwork, Hubby & I managed to get the three MissyMoos, pram and presents into the car in record time. We still got a bit wet though :-(

Then at 7pm, MissyMoo3 and I went out to the baptism meeting (yes, I remembered, unlike last month!)

By the drive home Sunday night I was feeling the beginnings of a sore throat...

It was a great fun-filled weekend! But the after-effects of full days and late nights are tired, grumpy children (and parents). Right now I'm appreciating a bit of much-needed down time.

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