07 January 2012

Big bath day

On Thursday, I took MissyMoo3 (3 months) to the hospital for her bath, as we are not allowed to take her harness off and bathe her at home. We do this weekly, but I don't think I've described the experience before so here we go:

Nonna came over in the morning to look after MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (2) so I didn't have to take all three MissyMoos with me. But about half an hour before we had to leave, MissyMoo1 begged to come too. As she's usually pretty helpful, I agreed to take her. So MissyMoo2 got Nonna all to herself! MissyMoo1 quickly ate her breakfast, got dressed and then off we went.

Thankfully, at this time of year there is not really a peak hour, as a lot of people are on holidays. We managed the trip in a cruisy 35 minutes and found a car park with no trouble at all. MissyMoo1 and I had a lovely chat in the car while MissyMoo3 slept. It was really nice to have some one-on-one time with MissyMoo1.

Once at the hospital, we made our way to the paediatric physiotherapy department. Our physio took MissyMoo3's harness off and I did the honours with her nappy. MissyMoo3 was then weighed - she had put on 300g in a week! And that was after 200g the week before! I believe it too, she's always feeding :-)

Then it was bath time. I put MissyMoo3 in the baby bath and she nearly took up the whole bath, my adorable growing girl. MissyMoo1 and I washed her together, while she smiled and did huge kicks in the water, taking full advantage of her new-found freedom. By the time her bath was over, the front of my shirt was all wet and there were big puddles on the floor.

I dried MissyMoo3, put on her nappy and then the physiotherapist put a clean harness on her. The poor bub wasn't impressed. She kicked and struggled as she does every week, but the last couple of weeks have been a little easier, as I have been able to distract her from crying by chatting to her. Before that, it was always a full-on scream-a-thon and only a feed would calm her down.

I then put her clothes on over the top of the harness and all was done for another week. Aah.

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