24 January 2012

Night time is for sleeping, get it.

Last night was what I consider the first real test of our new living arrangements. To recap, Hubby and I have our bedroom downstairs while the MissyMoos sleep upstairs. The main downside we had foreseen was my having to get up through the night to feed MissyMoo3 (3 months). The monitor works well, so I can hear the MissyMoos when they need me - it's just the actual getting up which is made slightly more difficult by the stairs on a bad night.

At around 12:30am I woke up to MissyMoo2's (2) screams. They were the kind of screams which could easily have been heard without the monitor, but with the monitor on, it was like hearing them in surround sound. I sprung up, hoping I could get to her and calm her down before she woke the others. She was standing near the gate at the stairs, wailing. I scooped her up, held her tight and took her to bed. I wiped away her tears and swept her hair out of her eyes with my fingertips. I can fit in her single bed with her so I lay next to her. MissyMoo2 was wide awake for quite a while. It was a hot night and I was extremely uncomfortable with my little hot water bottle next to me! I must have dozed off though because it was about an hour later when I got up and went back to my bed.

About two hours later, MissyMoo3 (3 months) woke for her feed. She's such a good girl. It was all done after about half an hour.

A bit after 5am, MissyMoo2 called out again. I thought she'd said "I can't find my dummy" so I went up ready to help her out. She was lying in her bed, dummy in hand saying happily: "I find my dummy!" Happy for her, but annoyed that I had gotten up, I couldn't contemplate going back downstairs, so I made a beeline for the couch. I switched the stairs light off so I could sleep, as it's near the couch, resulting in more yells from MissyMoo2 (too dark). So it was back to her room to open up her curtains, as dawn was beginning to break. I finally collapsed on the couch when I heard The Fat Cat begin to climb the screen nearby. I let out a moan and just thought, "ignore her, Hubby will feed her when he gets up". Phew, night over.

At least the couch is comfy.

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  1. Just think of those toned calves you are building!!!


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