12 January 2012

Little Cinderella

It was a lovely sunny day today, so this afternoon I had the idea that we might eat our dinner on the back deck. I mentioned it to MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (2) and they were both very excited. As soon as I said it though, I realised it would be more work, as the outdoor table really needed a clean.

Then I had a revelation to use a labour-saving device of which I don't take nearly enough advantage: my eldest child. She is always begging to use the spray bottle, but she goes a bit overboard inside so don't usually let her. But outside it's a different story. So out she went with a spray bottle full of water & white vinegar and a roll of paper towels - she had a great time and she did a great job, for a five-year-old.

While she was cleaning she called out excitedly: "Mum, I feel just like Cinderella!" And afterwards she got to play dress-ups - a bit like Cinderella.

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