23 January 2012

MissyMoo3's special day

On the weekend, MissyMoo3 was baptised. We had family and close friends along to share it with us, some from far away and others from just down the road.

It was a big day. I didn't realise how intense it was until we had some down time at home afterwards. It wasn't wedding intense, with months of build-up and a loooong day, but still full-on in a different way. It was a special day for somebody else, but for somebody who is completely dependent upon us and won't remember it herself. So the responsibility fell to Hubby and I to not only make is as special and memorable as we could, but to record that for MissyMoo3. Luckily we had some help in the photo and video taking department!

The baptism took place at our local church. We've been going there for five years now, since we moved here, and the other MissyMoos were baptised there too so it was nice and very comfortable for us all. It was a full house - six babies / children were baptised that morning including our MissyMoo3 so it was noisy and went for a little while, but I love seeing a church full of people - much better than an empty one.

Rather than having the conventional one Godmother and one Godfather as her older sisters did, MissyMoo3 has two Godmothers. They are two wonderful women who have become close friends of ours in a relatively short space of time and I have no doubt they will be fantastic role models and guides to my little girl throughout her life. Remember Gina from MissyMoo3's birth story? She is one of MissyMoo3's Godmothers :-)

After the ceremony, we went to a local club where we had hired out a room. We had some finger food and cake, great conversation and the kids had a great time running around and being as rowdy as they wanted to be. MissyMoo3 received some beautiful gifts which we opened there. And best of all, no cleaning up at the end!

It was such a special day and made all the more memorable for our whole family as all of the MissyMoos' Godparents were there. MissyMoo1's are Uncle J and Aunty J; MissyMoo2's are Zio P and Zia V; and MissyMoo3's are Gina and B. As they are all from different sides of the family and outside the family, getting them all together in the one room is not something we expect will happen too often.

The gown

My grandparents bought this gown for my cousin's baptism 33 years ago. My cousin wore it, I wore it, my sister wore it and MissyMoo1 (5), MissyMoo2 (2) and MissyMoo3 all wore it. What a lovely family tradition.

The bib and candle

The bib was provided by the parish and put on MissyMoo3 during the baptism ceremony. The parish also provided a different candle, but Gran got this one for MissyMoo3 so we used it instead.

It was a very special occasion for MissyMoo3 and our little family. We're very lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

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