28 January 2012

Movie Night

Last night Hubby and I watched a movie together without ads or interruptions.

It doesn't sound too exciting except that I can't remember the last time I watched a movie from beginning to end without being pulled away for one reason or another.

So last night was the night. After we put the big MissyMoos to bed we went to our room and watched the movie on the tv in there. MissyMoo3 (4 months) was with us but I just held and fed her, so she was no trouble. She was asleep for most of it.

We watched "Horrible Bosses". Hubby wasn't sure if I would like it; he thought there might have been too much swearing in it for my liking. But I only don't like my kids hearing swearing - in the context of the movie, I thought it was really funny! The movie was cringe-worthy in parts, just because of all of the stupid situations they got themselves into, but I thought it was great, very funny.

A great movie with great company on a big(enough) screen without having to leave the house - can't beat that on a Friday night (well, actually, I'm sure you can, but not when you have three little kids in the house!).


  1. Sounds lovely. It's about making the best of what you have!

    1. Sure is! And I managed to watch 3/4 of a Harry Potter movie last night too. Needless to say, some housework jobs have been taking a back seat in the past couple of days!


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