30 January 2012

School ... almost

I took MissyMoo1 (5) to school today for her Best Start session with her teacher. It's a one-on-one session where the teacher and child do a few activities together so the teacher can learn a bit more about the child and what s/he can do before school begins. MissyMoo1's school is doing this all week with the kindy kids and then they start school next Monday.

MissyMoo1 was very excited and really enjoyed the session. She loves her teacher and her classroom and she can't wait to start next week. When we arrived, she saw all the bigger children playing in the playground (grades 1 to 6 started today) and she was happy when I told her she would be able to play there at lunch time next week.

Part of me just wants next week to roll up so we can get on with it, as the school preparation has been creeping along for a few months now. But that's just me being a bit excited about it all. I am actually very happy about the way things are right now and I think it's great that the children are introducted to different aspects of school gradually, as it's such a major life event for them. I'm glad the school is taking the time for the teachers to be able to spend time with the students individually before classes begin. I'm glad to prolong this phase of my life with all my children at home, even if it's just for another week. And I'm glad to have a bit more time to get organised - I haven't labelled any of her uniform yet (but at least I have adjusted the length - I surprised myself there, as I'm usually a huge procrastinator with sewing)!


  1. I'll clean your bathrooms, label your uniforms and rearrange your pantry alphabetically if you will do my sticky contact covering....?!

    1. Haha, you really don't like doing that do you? How's it coming along? No chance Gina, I'm useless at it. I guess I'll be getting plenty of practise very soon though...


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