08 February 2012

Big school girl!

MissyMoo1 (5) started big school on Monday! After months of enrolment, orientation and preparation, the day had finally arrived.

We had a very quiet weekend in the lead-up to Monday, not wanting to tire MissyMoo1 out too much when she would be facing a long week of school ahead. She had been invited to a friend's birthday party on the Sunday afternoon but Hubby and I decided to keep her home so she wouldn't be too tired for Monday. So on the Sunday afternoon, after her nap (can you believe it, she actually napped!), partly to make up for not letting her go to the party and partly just because, MissyMoo1 and I had some special one-on-one time together. We packed her bag - it was so nice sitting together crossed-legged on her bedroom floor chatting and putting items in her schoolbag. We did some big girl craft too (in between my running between the other kidlets), much to the indignation of MissyMoo2 (2) who just had to be a part of what we were doing!

Monday morning, I had everything planned to get us all ready and out of the house on time, leaving a buffer of time for any nappy or feeding emergencies. I was so prepared, in fact, that we were all ready by 7:30am and for the next 45 minutes all I heard was: "Is it time to go to school yet?", as MissyMoo1's excitement grew with every passing second! At least it left plenty of time for photos...

Hubby, the MissyMoos and I all went to school for MissyMoo1's special morning. She wasn't nervous at all, just so excited. I had a niggling worry that the excitement might get too much for her and she might get overwhelmed and upset, but she just blew me away with the way she handled herself (actually, she has done that in a few situations lately). We took a few photos and then MissyMoo1's buddy found her and took her for a walk around the playground.

When the school bell rang, we all assembled in a shady area, and the kindy kids sat with their parents. Thankfully, Gina hung around too and took MissyMoo3 (4 months) for a little walk when she started to get restless so I could stay with MissyMoo1 (Hubby had had to go back to work at this stage). The kindies were matched up with their buddies in front of where the parents were sitting, first one class and then the next. MissyMoo1 was in the first class called. As her classmates' names were being called out before hers, I could see her looking calm, but a bit serious. I squeezed her hand and she looked up and me and smiled. Once the whole class had gone up the front, the buddies held their little hands and led them off to their classroom. MissyMoo1 was beaming. She gave me a big wave and off she went.

I had numerous comments from people saying how well I was doing not crying at my first child going off on her first day of school. But I wasn't sad at all. I was excited! A whole new world opened up for her that day: new friends to make, so many exciting things to learn and do, and new experiences to have. And with MissyMoo1 being so happy to be there, how could I be teary?!  

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