04 February 2012


MissyMoo2 (2) loves her dummies, always has. Her sisters both ditched the dummies for their digits early on, but not MissyMoo2.

When she turned two, we made a concerted effort to keep dummies for bed time only, rather than any time of day. But we didn't take them away completely, because with a new baby on the way, we thought she would need her comforter.

Yesterday the big MissyMoos went to the dentist. The result was that the dummies must go, dentists orders. MissyMoo2's teeth are fine, but the dummies are starting to affect them, so it's best to say bye bye to them now.

MissyMoo2 has asked for her dummies a few times, but hasn't been inconsolable without them - so far so good. She even managed to get to sleep last night, dummiless. Let's see what tonight brings!

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  1. Forgot to ask this morning how the nights have gone without dummy! I was a little distracted!!!


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