11 February 2012

Kidspeak gems: MissyMoo2

The other day, after dropping MissyMoo1 (5) off at school, MissyMoo2 (2) was in the backyard with me while I was hanging out the washing. Puss was sitting quietly near my feet. MissyMoo2 was pulling on a baby wrap which I had just hung on the washing line, which led to the following exchange:

MM2: I Dothy cos I've got the sheet.
F: Which Dorothy are you? Are you Dorothy the Dinosaur?
MM2: No (through her cheeky grin).
F: Are you Dorothy the goldfish?
MM2: No (so cutely).
F: Are you Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz?
MM2: Yes.
F: You know, Dorothy has a dog called Toto.
MM2: I Dothy from Wizard of Oz and Fat Cat can be Toto!

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