17 February 2012

Milestone madness

The changes that have happened in the last couple of months have been insane. Really.

It seems like the MissyMoos have grown up so much in such a short space of time. And it's not just one of them reaching milestones, all of them have.

In the past couple of months:
  • MissyMoo1 (5) started school;
  • MissyMoo2 (2) moved into a big bed;
  • MissyMoo2 stopped using dummies;
  • MissyMoo2 stopped wearing nappies during the day;
  • MissyMoo2 has started being able to go up and down the stairs by herself without holding my hand (and without me having a heart attack worrying she might fall down the stairs);
  • MissyMoo3 (4 months) moved into a cot;
  • MissyMoo3  got out of her harness;
  • MissyMoo3 laughed for the first time;
  • MissyMoo3 rolled over;
  • MissyMoo3 started solids.
I used to get nostalgic when MissyMoo2 was a baby and reached new milestones. My excitement was tinged with a little sadness in the knowledge that she was growing up. Not any more.

Now I'm happy to see each of them growing bit by bit and achieving new milestones in their lives. As each day goes by, my life becomes incrementally easier. I know every age has its challenges and things will be far from plain sailing in future. But crazy, newborn-with-two-other-small-children stage is over and the light at the end of the baby-stage tunnel grows slowly brighter.

Instead of lamenting the passing of time, I am now comfortably conscious that no stage in life lasts forever, so I am enjoying the good bits while they last and rejoicing waving goodbye to the bad bits once they've passed us by.

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