03 February 2012

MissyMoo3's first solids

MissyMoo3 tried "solids" for the first time yesterday. I say "solids" because the consistency is minutely less watery than water itself.

I'm not sure what the current recommended age for commencing solids is, and I don't really care. When MissyMoo1 (5) was a baby, it was strictly not before six months of age. But at four and a half months of age we had a baby who wasn't putting on a lot of weight, was waking and feeding constantly and was eyeing off my food at dinner-time. So, my practical baby health nurse suggested starting on solids even though all the books said I shouldn't.

When MissyMoo2 (2) was a baby, "they" recommended solids be introduced between the ages of four and six months. This seemed much more practical to me, considering all babies are different and a flick of a "needing solids" switch does not suddenly occur at the age of six months. Particularly as food is rarely injested in the first few attempts anyway - it takes a while for baby to get used to the texture and different swallowing action required to consume something other than milk from a teat. Miss L exhibited much the same behaviour at the same age as her older sister, and solids were promptly introduced.

Last week at her weigh-in with the baby nurse right on four months of age, the nurse asked me if I was thinking about starting MissyMoo3 on solids. To be honest, it caught me by surprise. I mean I knew how old she was, but still thinking of her as "the baby", I thought I would have longer before the food phase started. However, upon reflection, I realised that it was nearly time. She had gone from just about sleeping through the night to waking every three hours for feeds as well as feeding every two to three hours during the day. She had begun to show an interest in whatever it was that we were doing sitting up at the table in the evenings. I waited a little longer, being lazy, knowing that introducing solids would bring with it a whole lot more work than exclusively breastfeeding: steralising water to mix with rice cereal, cooking and puréeing food, being prepared with food for outings. I waited a little longer, thinking that maybe nights might start getting better on their own.

They didn't.

After a week of next to no sleep, I knew it was time. So yesterday, MissyMoo3 had her first taste of rice cereal. She didn't hate it. I think she even ate some. And the big MissyMoos had a great time taking it in turns to feed her. I hardly got a look in. It might be more work, but I've got some great helpers on hand. My little baby is growing up, but to be honest, I'm quite happy about it. I love my kids and I would do anything for them, but after three of them, I'd begun losing patience with the newborn stage. Bring on the milestones I say!

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