16 February 2012

MissyMoo2 is toilet trained (daytime)!!!

I've been close to calling it for a week now, but a couple of little accidents made me cautious. Now, after the events of this morning, I'm calling it! MissyMoo2 (2) is toilet trained in the daytime.

This morning, after dropping MissyMoo1 (5) off at school, MissyMoo2, MissyMoo3 (4 months) and I went to the shops to run a few errands. While we were at the post office, MissyMoo2 told me that she needed to go to the toilet. I had just started writing an address on a postage bag which I hadn't yet paid for so I asked her whether she could hold it or if she needed to go right now. She said that she could wait, and I believed her as I had made her go just before we left to drop MissyMoo1 off at school.

We quickly did what we had to do at the post office and then we made a run for the toilets. I'm not a huge user of public facilities - they're usually disgusting and I prefer not to visit them if I can avoid it. But when MissyMoo1 was in the process of losing the nappies, I made sure I knew where the nearest loo was in case of an emergency. That knowledge came in handy this morning!

We must have been a sight. I walked briskly with MissyMoo3 in the Baby Bjorn (I had forgotten to put the pram back in the car after doing the grocery shopping the other day), holding MissyMoo2's hand and MissyMoo2 was running, happily chatting away as she went. When we got to the loo, everything went very smoothly with no mishaps of any kind, thank goodness!

To celebrate, MissyMoo2 chose a finger bun with pink icing from the bakery. She was proud as punch. And so am I!

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