12 February 2012

Sticky business

One of my newly discovered joys of being a school mum is the task of covering books.

MissyMoo1 (5) brought home seven books on Friday afternoon accompanied by instructions that they should be covered in clear contact by Monday morning if possible. I, having witnessed the pain of mums with older children who had already been through this, was prepared. I already had a fat roll of the clear sticky stuff at the ready, waiting for my turn.

Yesterday was the day. I'll admit that I approached the task with trepidation. The last time I had covered books in contact was when I was in high school and did my own books. I remembered it being a bit hit and miss, but that there were techniques to help make things a little more hit and a little less miss. Unfortunately, I could not recall what those techniques were.

The first two books were pretty ordinary. There were air bubbles - the horrible type that end up as lines. And the thing about using clear contact is that you can't rip it off and try again or you end up taking half the book cover with you. (No, I did not try this - it was something I had managed to remember from my teen covering days).  Unfortunately, I couldn't really get on a roll either because, as with all tasks I do these days, the book covering was done in spare moments when one child, or another, or another, was not demanding my attention. I kept apologising to MissyMoo1 that some of the books were a bit funny. Thankfully, she was in one of her angelic moods, telling that it was fine and thanking me for covering them for her (what a sweetheart!). By the sixth and seventh books, I had it figured out. Let's hope it all comes back to me this time next year.


  1. I'll be dropping ours around to your place next year then.....?!

    1. I might be persuaded if there is some merangue involved...

  2. Argh I did this on the weekend. I still am crappy at it. Thank goodness my boy doesn't know what a well covered book looks like yet. How's it all going? I am exhausted with the whole school thing, so much more than I can remember or want to.

  3. Lou, I've been meaning to email you to see how your boy was going with school. We're going well, just tired and busy getting used to school!


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