11 February 2012

Una bella chiacchierata

The title means "a nice chat". I think that's how to spell it. (I love how it sounds - kya-kye-ra-ta - sounds "chatty").

Anyway, this post is about a lovely chat I had this morning.

I try to call my great-aunt in Sicily from time to time. But with the time zone difference and busy family life, finding an opportunity, when I'm also with it enough to converse in a different language, has been difficult over the past couple of months.

This morning, with nowhere to be and no timetable to adhere to, I realised at 7am that it was a decent time (9pm) to call Italy. So I did.

I found Zia P at home and we had a lovely chat. I told her all about the MissyMoos and what they were up to. She told me about all the cousins and their kids and we just had a nice, easy chat. I think my Italian has improved slightly since practising a little with Nonna when we spend time together. The great thing about chatting with Zia P is that even with my sometimes dodgy grammar and missing bits of vocabulary (my "Swiss cheese" Italian!), she knows what I'm on about, and I can understand everything she says.

It put a smile on my dial first thing in the morning!

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