30 March 2012

Perking up

For the last few weeks, I've been grumpy. Short fuse, no patience, completely uncreative in dealing with the kids. I recognised this and decided that I would try to have more patience with the MissyMoos for Lent. I tried for a little while, but lost my way about three weeks ago. I was moody and beginning to feel resentful of having no time away from the MissyMoos.

A few days ago, Hubby and I had a little chat. After 11 years together, he knows me so well. He said just what I needed to hear to get me back on track.

Since then, my mindset has completely changed. I'm happy being with the MissyMoos so much again. I'm not worrying about the washing, cooking or ironing - they still get done - but focussing my energy on enjoying my children. And I'm sure my attitude has rubbed off on them. Their behaviour and moods have improved. We have a happier home. Rather than rushing around to try to do it all and barking out orders, I'm trying to more consciously take time with each of them, really look at them, speak to them, be there for them, understand what's going on in each of their worlds. I have, in just a few days, reaped the rewards of connecting with them a little more deeply, in ways tuned to each of them as individuals. I've relearned lessons I learn everytime I get a bit of sleep and perspective.

And the biggest lesson of all from the past few days?

Smiles are contagious!

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