14 March 2012

To wean or not to wean...

Well isn't this blog coming of age? I had a post with this title for MissyMoo2 (2) back in 2010 and now we're here again with MissyMoo3 (5 months)!

So my plan with MissyMoo3 was to breastfeed her exclusively until 7 months and then slowly wean so that she would be fully on the bottle when I return to work.

Thing is, she's ravenous.

She already eats three meals of solids per day and she's drinking milk a lot in between. She barely sleeps during the day and now she's waking for a 2am feed again.

I have been running it through my mind over and over for a week or so now.

To Wean:
  • I don't think my milk is filling her up enough
  • A formula bottle might help her sleep through the night (would help me too, as I don't get a break during the day)
  • She always falls asleep before finishing a breastfeed (then wakes up when I put her in her cot!)
  • I don't know how much she's getting
  • It might put her in a routine with her milk feeds instead of just feeding in dribs and drabs
  • Hubby could feed her sometimes and I could have a break
  • I'm tired - less draining on my body
  • It's only a few weeks before I was planning on doing it anyway
  • She's biting now and those gums are hard!
Not to Wean:
  • "Breast is best" guilt
  • Convenience - not having to organise bottles for outings
  • Cuddles - breastfeeding cuddles are a special kind of cuddle
  • This is it, once MissyMoo3 is weaned, I won't be doing this again. Another last. Is she ready? Am I ready to say goodbye to this stage for good?

So, with a bit of struggling in my head, this morning I bought bottles and formula and decided that tonight I will start a formula feed. I'll see how it goes. Stay tuned...


  1. Obviously this is a big choice and it is yours to make. As I read through your pros and cons I was starting to formulate my thoughts in my head and they matched your closing sentence! I think an evening bottle is a great idea. It will allow you to share the evening routine with Mr O and maybe you will get a better nights sleep too. On a very selfish note I was also thinking of how you might be able to join in any girls nights out in the comings weeks and months if baby can stay at home...(!)

    1. Yeah, the first bottle will definitely be the evening one. If that helps her sleep longer at night, then it will have served its purpose. When I replace the other feeds will just depend on my milk supply, and I can try to drag that out as long as possible if all is going well.
      Ooh girls nights out, I'd forgotten about that! That's just another one to add to the "to wean" list!

  2. Well so much for that. She screwed up her face, cried, then launched herself towards my chest. Guess what she needed to calm down? You got it, a breastfeed. I'll try again tomorrow night...


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