27 March 2012

Training wheels

MissyMoo1 (5)

You couldn't wait to have your training wheels taken off, as you're such a big girl.
Daddy and I were worried you wouldn't be able to ride, as we haven't given you much practise lately.
You were a bit scared too, we could tell. But you were brave and excited.
Daddy held onto the back of your seat, just to be sure you'd be okay.

Sometimes Daddy and I feel like we're wearing our training wheels too.
You're our firstborn child, when you're going through something new, it is new for us as well.
But this is the real thing, there's no rehearsal.
We're being our best and riding along.
Sometimes we might wobble, or even fall down.
But we get back up again, and ride some more.

But even with the training wheels off, we don't have to ride alone.
Not you, nor I, nor Daddy, nor your sisters.
We can hold onto each other's seats, to make sure we're all okay.


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