16 March 2012

Weaning? 3-day update.

Well, three days in and we haven't had a full evening bottle, but we're on our way ... slowly.

Evening 1: MissyMoo3 (5 months) wouldn't have a bar of it. She gave me a filthy look when I put the bottle in her mouth (yes, 5-month-olds are capable of those!). She worked herself up and cried, then launched herself at my chest (hint much?). She had a big breastfeed after that!

Evening 2: MissyMoo3 realised that she is supposed to suck on the teat. She drank about 20 mls and then launched herself at me again.

Evening 3: Woohoo, 80 mls and proper sucking! Then back to a breastfeed.

Getting better every day!

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