21 March 2012

Winning on the weaning!

After day three, we hit a stumbling block with the weaning. MissyMoo3 (5 months) was just too tired to learn a new skill at night time and the 6-month teats I was using were making the milk flow too quickly for a poor little breastfed baby.

So I moved the bottle feed to day time and switched to the 1-month teats which came with the bottle. Yesterday she drank 140ml before wanting the breast. Yesterday's feed was funny (funny weird, not funny haha). I could feel my milk coming in while MissyMoo3 was drinking from the bottle. I don't remember that happening before. Has that happened to any of you? I know things get a bit leakier with each subsequent child, but that is ridiculous!

Today she filled up on the bottle. Check it out:

Tomorrow I'll buy the 3 to 6 month teats and try to push the bottle feed to the evening. We're getting there, bit by bit!

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