27 April 2012

A day in my life

A few weeks ago a friend of mine directed me towards an article describing a busy mum's day. This friend, who I met back in uni days, doesn't have children and made the comment that it is such a different world to his. I replied that it inspired me to write an "a day in the life" blog post complete with lessons I have learned along the way to make things easier. People with young kids will relate - this is the way life is. But I'm sure this blog post will help me remember in years to come what a mad-house we had at the start of our time as a family of 5.

Well, school holidays came and went and here we are back in the thick of it, so I thought now would be as good a time as any to do "a day in the life". So here's today, Francesca style!

At 4:20am, Hubby and I hear MissyMoo1 (5) calling out my name through the monitor. Concerned that she would wake her sisters, I trudged up the stairs - still half asleep - to find that she wants her blankets pulled up. Seriously.

At 5:59am I hear my human alarm, MissyMoo2 (2), calling out through the monitor. I un-set my alarm, which was set for 6am, and go upstairs to start the day. MissyMoo2 often wakes just before my alarm like this and is afraid of the dark. I decide that she will become reacquainted with her glow-in-the-dark seahorse toy tonight. I kiss her and ask her to stay in bed while I have a shower,

I get out of the shower to find that MissyMoo3 (7 months) has also woken up. MissyMoo2 asks to come downstairs with me while I get dressed. I put MissyMoo2 on the toilet while I change MissyMoo3's nappy all while wearing my towel. Glamorous. Then MissyMoo2 and MissyMoo3 both come downstairs with me. I get dressed while they sit on the bed and do their best to ensure Hubby is awake.

At 6:30 we're back upstairs. I give MissyMoo3 her bottle, then plonk her down on the floor for a play (aah, the joys of having a sitting but not yet crawling baby!). The next little while plays out as follows: put pot of water on stove for boiling (steralising), empty dishwasher from night before, start making packed lunches for Hubby, MissyMoo1 & MissyMoo2. During this time, MissyMoo1 gets up. I leave the lunches to get breakfast for MissyMoo1 and MissyMoo2. Before I've even managed to slice enough cheese for the sandwiches, MissyMoo1 declares she has finished her Weetbix and asks me to get her another when the Weetbix box is right in front of her. I refuse, telling her to get it herself. And so commences family mini-meltdown number one.

Back to lunches I go. MissyMoo2 finishes her toast, so I ask her to finish drinking her milk. I also warn her not to choose her clothes for the day and to wait for me. (MissyMoo2 likes dresses - unfortunately they're all summer dresses which aren't great for cool autumn mornings coupled with a two-year-old's chesty cough). Meanwhile MissyMoo1 does a sniff test on MissyMoo3 in the lounge room and declares a positive result. Guess who changes pooey nappies in my house? So I leave the lunches once more to change the first number two of the day.

Finally, I finish the sangas. I go and check on MissyMoo2 as she has been a bit quiet since leaving the breakfast table. She is standing in her room pyjamas off, reaching for a dress in her wardrobe. Naughty MissyMoo2 gets a talking to. I brush her teeth and get some weather-appropriate clothes out for her. Clever me had already laid out MissyMoo1's school uniform at some stage in the morning and she pretty much dresses herself.

I go back to the kitchen and discover that MissyMoo2 did not finish her milk after all so I call her back and watch her drink it. I cut up fruit for morning tea and complete lunchbox assembly. Meanwhile, in the lounge room, MissyMoo2 (usually an angel but getting cheekier as she gets older) has done something to hurt MissyMoo3. MissyMoo1 dobbed, MissyMoo2 got in trouble, resulting in screaming and family mini-meltdown number two.

MissyMoo2 and MissyMoo1 make their beds at Hubby's direction. I give MissyMoo3 her breakfast.

Hubby goes to work.

Then begins hair production line. Thank goodness MissyMoo3 only has a little bit on top for now. After this it's shoes and getting MissyMoo1 to put her lunch in her bag.

I stand still for a couple of minutes, silently congratulating myself at our progress. But then I look at the clock ... only 15 minutes until we have to leave the house. The last-minute burst includes, packing MissyMoo3's bottle, formula, lunch and spoon, pack things I need for errands after the school drop-off, replenish nappy bag supplies.


I put the MissyMoos in the car, get The Fat Cat out of the way and drive down the driveway.

For school drop-off, MissyMoo3 goes in the stroller with one big sister on each side to walk through the carpark. MissyMoo1 puts things in her classroom, shows MissyMoo2 off to her friends and begs me to stay for morning assembly. When it's time for morning assembly we all kiss her goodbye and leave her to it. Back in the car, a bit of a chat with another mum and then it's downtown for errands.

At 9:30am, errands are done but MissyMoo3 is tired and getting irritable. I drive to playgroup (even though it doesn't start until half past ten) and let MissyMoo3 sleep in the car while MissyMoo2 eats some morning tea and I read a book.

Playgroup goes from 10:30am until 12:30pm, during which time MissyMoo3 has a bottle, lunch and does number two number twos. MissyMoo2 also needs a trip to the toilet so while I take her, MissyMoo3 has cuddles with her godmother B. I have a much-needed coffee (because I can!) and a chat.

After playgroup, we're homeward bound. MissyMoo3 has a nap and MissyMoo2 gets acquainted with ABC for Kids. I have something to eat, wash bottles & non-dishwasher dishes, replenish the nappy back, print out colouring in for MissyMoo2 for this afternoon's outing, replace ink cartridges in the printer, give MissyMoo3 another bottle when she wakes up and organise the rest of the afternoon in my mind.

A bit before 2:30pm, we're back in the car and going to school to pick up MissyMoo1. I knit a couple of rows while we wait in the carpark for school to end. From there we head straight to MissyMoo1's piano lesson at 3pm. MissyMoo2, MissyMoo3 and I sit on the piano teacher's verandah while MissyMoo1 has her lesson. The colouring in I have packed for MissyMoo2 amuses her for all of two minutes. Then she has much more fun running around the yard, tripping over her feet and going up and down the verandah steps. MissyMoo3 is happy with her teething rusk until she drops it on the ground. At one point I catch MissyMoo2 touching her pants. I ask her if she needs to go do a poo. She nods. I ask her if she has already done it, to which she replies: "I don't think so". Spurred on by the notable absence of confidence in her response, we make a bee-line for the piano teacher's loo. Of course, for this I need to get MissyMoo3 out of the stroller to bring her in too and plonk her down on the carpet outside the bathroom.

After piano it's off to a cafe for a gelato (I'll explain why later). None of the usual flavours are there today so the MissyMoos try something new. MissyMoo2 is happy - it's ice cream, after all. MissyMoo1 doesn't like the flavour so is a bit disappointed. I'm relieved as it means we can go home.

We walk in the door at 4:30pm, just in time for Play School. The big MissyMoos are therefore entertained for half an hour while I feed MissyMoo3 her dinner. Hubby arrives home. I cook our dinner. Just as we are sitting down to eat, MissyMoo3's tiredness reaches almost tipping point so it's time for a bottle and bed for her. Hubby and I tag-team. He scoffs down his dinner while I change her nappy, then he gives her a bottle and he puts her to bed while I eat.

The big girls have a story and a chat, then it's time for bed for them too. After they're in bed, I clean up the kitchen, steralise bottles, boil more water for tomorrow's bottles and do up a menu for the week ahead and shopping list for tomorrow's grocery shop. You all know how much I love ironing, but tonight I look at my ironing basket and think: "Stuff it, I'm going to blog instead". I pour myself a Baileys (because I can!) and type away. There's my day.


Things to help me:
  • MissyMoo1 and MissyMoo2 have posters on their walls which I made up with a list of their jobs in pictures and words. It helps things to run "smoothly" in the morning, so they know what needs to be done next.
  • No TV on in the morning whatsoever.
  • No playing until everything on the poster is done
  • Besides getting themselves fed and presentable, their job for the morning is making their beds. If they make their beds every day of the week, they get a reward on a Friday. MissyMoo1's reward is usually a lunch order. But unfortunately today the school canteen did not have enough volunteers to open for lunch so that couldn't happen. (When I told her, MissyMoo1 begged me to help out on canteen, but I had to explain to her that it would be too difficult bringing MissyMoo2 and MissyMoo3 along with me. She was quite understanding). So, this afternoon's gelato was the replacement reward.
  • I don't normally make lunch on a Friday because of the lunch order thing so this morning was a little crazy.
  • Washing did not get done today. There will be lots on tomorrow.
  • Baths did not happen tonight, but it's cool, no school tomorrow so they can splash around in the morning.
Well, this was a very long post for a busy day. But then, this really is the best kind of busy :-)


  1. shell Grabham27/4/12 9:26 PM

    oh francesca i know this sort of day very very well lol xx u put it EXACTLY the way it is!!!


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