15 April 2012

Introducing solids to babies

I saw this article in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning and it made me think of our experiences of when to introduce solids. I blogged about this not long ago.

It makes me feel even better about having introduced solids at four months for all the MissyMoos.

Not that I really needed it to make us feel better - we knew it was the right thing to do for each child. I'll use MissyMoo3 (6 months) as an example, as she's more recent and easier to remember! MissyMoo3's weight gain was minimal at four months and she recommenced waking through the night. It was only after introducing solids at the age of four months that a routine for her feeding finally began to emerge (which had a direct impact on my sanity!).

I know people who wait until six months and that may be the right thing to do for their babies, particularly if milk alone is still satisfying them.

But I am glad to see articles like this which question a blanket approach of waiting until six months of age for all babies. Clearly, there are shades of grey, and a practical approach with professional advice which looks at the baby as an individual is what is needed.


  1. Yep, totally agree that its good to see an article like this. I'm finding out for myself that each bub is different. My first was on solids at 4 months to help with reflux - which it DID help. I did the same when bub #2 was 4 months, only to find that although he was mentally ready (LOVED it!!), his little tummy was not and it made his reflux worse - consequently I've stopped it now and will wait a few more weeks before I try again.

    It really is true that all babies are different!

    Hilary xx

    1. Each baby sure is different. I hope your bub #2's reflux settles down soon :-)


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