02 April 2012

Little angel

Once a month during the school year, our church has a Family Mass for the Saturday vigil Mass. Some school-age kids from the parish volunteer to do various things during the Mass and it has a great family atmosphere. I love it that so many kids get involved and the church is fairly full. (It's also great because it's not so noticeable when our little ones are noisy if there are heaps of other little ones there too!)

Last year, MissyMoo1 (5) used to see some of her older friends participating and she wanted to join in, but she was just a bit too young to do so. Last weekend was the first Family Mass of the school year. Now that she is at school, MissyMoo1 was excited to finally be in the thick of it. Most of the children were involved in the procession into the church at the beginning of Mass. They all wore white robes and carried palms in to place on the altar.

MissyMoo1 looked angelic in her white gown. So beautiful, so lovely. She looked small next to most of the other kids around her, but I was still struck by how big she is getting. My big little angel :-)

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