03 April 2012

Little miss sitting up

MissyMoo3 (6 months) has been sitting up unassisted for a few days now. Although she's my third child, it still amazes me how much difference that milestone can make to a baby and to everyone else too! It opens up a whole new world for them.

Now MissyMoo3 can sit around on the lounge room floor during the day. It means that her whole perspective on things has changed. Instead of lying around like a little baby, she is now upright just like her big sisters. It makes her look so much bigger. She can "play".

Yesterday, MissyMoo3 was sitting on the floor and MissyMoo2 (2) went over to her. MissyMoo2 loves to say "helloooo" in a cutsie, high-pitched voice to her baby sister. This time though, MissyMoo2 didn't quite know what to do with this bigger baby who was sitting up looking at her. I said to MissyMoo2: "You can play with her now. Why don't you pass her a toy?" MissyMoo2 was a bit freaked out by it all and went off to play in her room instead. I guess it will take some getting used to.

Tonight in the bath was the bees knees. It was the first time I'd been courageous enough to not hold onto MissyMoo3 and just let her sit up by herself. She loved it! She discovered how to splash and whack the water. She gave me huge gummy smiles, just so pleased to be experiencing so many new, fun things. It reminded me of when MissyMoo2 first started having fun in the bath. Even when she got a face full of water from a mega whack, she wasn't phased at all.

I'm loving her age at the moment. And yes, I will be cherishing these precious couple of months during which she can sit up by herself but not yet crawl!


  1. The sitting up bit is lovely. It's great for the older kids when the new bub gets a bit more interactive. Your kids are very similar in age to mine and I think the older 2 were very disappointed when their little brother (now 10 months) didn't come out already kicking a ball! We're up to crawling now though - keeping me on my toes!

    1. Hi Lara, how are you managing with the crawling? Part of me is looking forward to it as a milestone, but mostly I'm dreading it. The bigger the Missy Moos get, the smaller their toys get, which isn't going to be too good for Miss A. I have a friend visitng tomorrow with a crawling baby so I have set up the playpen. I think Miss A will be living in that in a couple of months time!


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