12 April 2012

MissyMoo2's hip update

I've been putting off writing this post for a while. It's mainly because I haven't wanted to think about it, as if ignoring it might make it go away, and writing about it necessarily involves thinking about it.

When I last blogged about this topic, we were waiting for a call from the specialist because he had to go away and research things some more before he could decide whether surgery was warranted. As you've probably guessed, we didn't receive good news.

The specialist called back within a couple of days, saying that MissyMoo2 (2) hadn't been standing square when the x-ray had been taken and that we had to go back to do another one.

So, soon after that phone call, we went back to the hospital. I had to take MissyMoo3 (then 5 months) in case she needed breastfeeding, which meant that Nonna also had to come too, so that she could stay with MissyMoo3 while I went into the x-ray room with MissyMoo2. MissyMoo2 was naturally scared of the dark room and the fact that she is also afraid of the specialist did not help matters at all. They took two x-rays after under the specialist's supervision after which he said that that would have to do so she wasn't exposed to too much radiation.

A few days later I received another phone call from the specialist saying that his recommendation was for MissyMoo2 to have surgery.

A few days after that, I was back at the hospital meeting with the specialist to book in MissyMoo2's surgery. This was purely a paperwork meeting to get her into the system so that if we decide to go ahead with it later, we'll already have been on the waiting list for a while and could book it in fairly quickly. The plan is to have another x-ray done in July, see the specilist that day, then the following week see the specialist in Sydney we saw last year for a second opinion. All only a few weeks after I return to work two days per week and of course, both specialists only consult on one of my work days - so those visits might be left up to Hubby, we'll figure that out later.

The day I booked MissyMoo2 in for surgery, I felt almost like I was betraying her. I left her at home with Nonna, kissed and cuddled her, saying I just had to go out for a while to do some jobs. Her happy, trusting face only made me feel worse.

We still haven't completely decided to go ahead with it. I am still holding out hope that things will have improved enough in the next couple of months. I've heard both sides from people. Some say that if it was their child, they wouldn't hesitate to go through with surgery and others say that if it was their child, they wouldn't even consider it.

I don't want to do it. But I think we have a responsibility to our daughter to consider it, if it means that it will prevent her getting arthritis in her thirties or forties and prevent her need to have a hip replacement. But will it, for sure? We haven't yet had the detailed discussion with doctors about risks of surgery, outcomes etc. Well, we did a little bit last year, but not recently. We have a lot of support, so it wouldn't be as hard as it could otherwise be if she ended up going through surgery and the aftermath. But still, we need more information and more discussion before we can make a decision. If we did go ahead with it, we would want her surgery done before the end of winter, so that the plaster can be off before the weather gets too warm.

So in the meantime, we're in limbo. Will MissyMoo2 be able to start pre-school later in the year or will she be house-bound in a plaster case for 12 weeks? What plans could we or should we make for the second half of this year, if any?

Anyway, that's the update. I have plenty more fragmented thoughts on the subject, but they will come out in time. The saga isn't over yet. I'm sure there will be more to come...

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