23 April 2012

Pear, pear everywhere

I made a bit of a boo boo doing online shopping last week.

I was rushing. I wasn't being careful. And I made a mistake one would never make if one did one's shopping while physically present in one's local supermarket.

I thought I was buying 5 pears. But instead of clicking on single pears, I clicked on 1kg packs. So, when my Coles Online order was delivered last week, I was faced with 5kg of pears. At first I was surprised, then bewildered, then certain that they must have made a mistake. But then, I checked my order. And there it was staring me accusingly in the face.

Francesca, YOU ordered 5kg of pears. What are YOU going to do about that?

So what was I to do with the perishable pears which were sure to go rotton within days?

All fruit break/morning tea sessions began with pear. If the MissyMoos wanted anything else, they could have it ... after they finished their pear. I steamed most of it for MissyMoo3 (6 months), but have had to do it in batches according to availability of little containers and freezer space (we only have the little freezer above the fridge). I also made pear cake.

I still have 1kg left, which will definitely need to be used in the next day or two. Any ideas?


  1. Pear salad - rocket, parmesan, thinly sliced pear, roasted pine-nuts with a dressing of honey, olive oil and mustard. Yum. Gailx

  2. Mmm, that sounds delicious, thanks Gail!


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