02 April 2012

Piano lessons

MissyMoo1 (5) recently started taking piano lessons. She first showed an interest a bit over a year ago when she received a toy keyboard from Santa. Then, a few months later at playgroup, she sat up at the piano , back straight, starting tinkering and declared that she loved playing the piano.

We thought she was a bit young at four, so we waited until a few weeks ago, when she started going to a lady we found out about through MissyMoo1's school. She's great with MissyMoo1 and MissyMoo1 really enjoys the lessons.

We don't have a piano, but MissyMoo1 practises on this:

I bought this keyboard for myself when I was 19 and right into songwriting. I never would have imagined when I bought it that my daughter would be learning to play piano on it!

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