18 April 2012

Things I want to be good at

I've been thinking lately about being better at stuff; about the things I want to do well in my life.

Things I want to be good at:

  1. Being a mum. I am good at it, but I always want to be better.
  2. Being a wife. I am good at it, but I always want to be better.
  3. Being a lawyer/secretariat-type person. Will be working on that fairly soon.
  4. Speaking Italian.
  5. Forgiving. Sometimes it's hard and I could always do better.
  6. Playing guitar. I used to be pretty good, but hardly playing in the past six years has made me a little rusty.
  7. Writing. Not the knowing how to spell or good grammar side of things. I want to be good at writing, the way a writer writes.
  8. Cooking.
  9. Exercising.
There are others, but these are the most important ones that come to mind right now ☺

19th April 2012
Oops, I just remembered another one which I meant to put on this list. Number 10 is sewing.

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  1. Ditto! There are loads of things I want to be better at and guitar playing is on my list too. I figure that being in my 30's means that I still have about 50 more years ahead of me to achieve my bucket list so I'm not stressing about it too much and am just concentrating on the more immediate things like number 1: Being a good mum!


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