18 April 2012

Una Francesca Australiana

I just found a blog by an American/Sicilian woman in which she writes posts in English and includes the Italian translation in the same post, sentence by sentence. It got me thinking about my Italian language journey.

I have learnt, forgotten, struggled and succeeded with my Italian language skills at different times in my life. My mother is Sicilian. My maternal grandparents lived in Australia but did not speak English, so our annual interstate visit to see them involved a huge learning curve, which was then slowly, partially forgotten over the course of the following year, when English-speaking once again took over our everyday lives.

I studied Italian at school, but had to do it by correspondence as my high school did not offer the subject. It was a difficult way to learn a language and I didn't end up sticking with it. I was interested in languages so I studied French at university in addition to my law studies, once again because the university I went to did not offer Italian. My mum and I try to speak Italian when we see each other so I can practise and so the Missy Moos have a chance at learning, but it's easy to slip back into English.

I created another blog a while ago with the intention of practising my written Italian by writing posts in Italian, but to say it hasn't had much activity would be the understatement of the century. Not enough hours in the day...

Maybe occasionally, I'll have to make an effort. Even if nobody reads it, it might help me improve, or at least not forget what I already know.


  1. Hi Francesca,
    You should read one of my readers blogs. She is Italian and also does a half English half Italian writing style. I love it for her photos but I think you would enjoy her writing too!


    1. Gina, I've been reading her blog. It's fantastic and really helpful for me to read the Italian bits and be able to cheat at the English translation if I need a little help!


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