18 April 2012

Wean, weaning, weaned

MissyMoo3 (6 months) had her last breastfeed yesterday morning. After the looong time it took going from one bottle feed to two, replacing the other two breastfeeds with the bottle happened rather quickly. This was partly an issue of supply, which some of you would know, decreases with decreased demand. It was also partly MissyMoo3's choice.

MissyMoo3 became very interested in the bottle and not so interested in the other form of feeding. While she would guzzle her formula, she would become very easily distracted being breastfed. She would pull off at the slightest sound or if someone walked past, which happened a lot in a full house with her daddy and two big sisters (I tried feeding her in her bedroom, but MissyMoo1 (5) and MissyMoo2 (2)  just followed me in there for a chat - kind of defeated the purpose). The pulling off was annoying and difficult. And painful. It felt like the newborn breastfeeding struggle all over again in trying to get us both into the right position, but with a heavier, more active baby. I caught myself saying: "Focus, child, focus."

I had imagined that the last breastfeed with my last child would be something I would cherish and prolong. I imagined holding my baby close, smelling her skin, her hair, drinking it all in as she drank in her milk.

Yesterday morning, it could not have been further from that. After some baby acrobatics, during which she can't have consumed very much at all, I gave up, saying: "That's it, tomorrow morning it's the bottle!"

And so it was. MissyMoo3 is weaned. I still cuddle her just as much. I still smell her skin and hair, and kiss her chubby cheeks. Hubby and Nonna have both successfully given her the bottle. Oh, and this might not be politically correct, but I LOVE bottle-feeding in public.

So ... I might have a drink tonight ;-)

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