03 May 2012

Grey hair

I was brushing my hair on the weekend and felt a hair come out from the root. I knew from the feeling what colour it would be. Normal hair just molts, but the really course ones, the ones you can feel the pull of when they leave your head, they're greys.

This one wasn't grey though. It was white from root to tip.

I'm not a stranger to white hairs. My first few were discovered at the tender age of 25, a few months after MissyMoo1 (5) was born. Coincidence? I think not, given that experience. I was at the hairdresser having my hair straightened for my sister-in-law's wedding (Aunty J), when the hairdresser said excitedly: "Ooh, I found a grey hair! I'll just pull it out for you!" Unsure whether to be more unsettled by her apparent delight at finding a grey hair or at pulling it out for me, I was aghast to find when she handed it to me that it was white from root to tip.

A couple of minutes later, while I was still contemplating my lost youth and mortality in general, another squeal of delight accompanied another discovery. That one was pulled too.

Then: "Oh, there's heaps more, I'd better not pull any more out."

You'd better not, I'd rather be grey than bald, I thought. "Okay, thanks," I said politely trying to twist my scowl into a wry smile.

Over the past few years I have wondered whether to commence colouring my hair. A few rinses as a teenager and one semi-permanent colour as an adult is all I've had done in that department in the past. I've shied away from it and put it off for as long as possible. I like my natural hair colour. It's part of who I am. I was even pleased that my natural blonde streaks had reappeared towards the end of summer. But upon further reflection, maybe they weren't blonde at all ...


  1. LOL! I discovered my first grey hairs after having my first bub too, jeez what do these kids do to us?!!

    You're doing well to have not coloured your hair much... I've been obsessed about changing the colour of my hair since I was a teen. I think I've been every colour under the sun - black, brown, blonde, white-blonde, red... but my favourites have been the purple, pink, red and blue slashes of colour (not all at the same time!) - its a wonder I've got any hair left after what I've done to it over the years!

    I say go for it with the hair colour - if you dont like it, you can always colour over it again in a different shade!

    1. I know, these kids arrgghh!

      Hilary that cracked me up. Well I definitely won't be going for purple streaks but I think hair dying isn't too far off!


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