12 May 2012

MissyMoo1's school scarf

Recently I mentioned I would be knitting MissyMoo1 a scarf for school. Well, this morning I finished it:

(Obviously it's longer than this but I folded it into quarters so it would fit neatly in the photo).

It's maroon, which is one of MissyMoo1's school colours. I darned her name into the end of it, but it doesn't look great - kind of as if MissyMoo1 did that bit herself - but at least nobody else can claim it, as there were no tags to write her name on.

She loves it. She was chuffed that I went to the effort to knit it for her :-)


  1. Hi!

    I had to respond to this post with a WELL DONE!

    I bet Miss E looks fab in it. :-)

    I love knitting too... though I am not very good at it... (I manage scarves and blankets just about!) I don't get much time.
    I started knitting a baby blanklet when I fell pregnant with my second, he is now 6 months and I still haven't finished... hmmm... if I ever do; I will post a pic on my blog!

    What will you be knitting next?!

    1. Thanks Schez. Keep up with the blanket, they use them for years! The plan is to attempt a beanie for Miss L next. I've decided to keep the projects small for now so I have a hope of completing them :-)


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