24 May 2012

Thankful Thursday: Baby Bjorn

Thankful Thursday has worked its magic again. I wasn't feeling particularly thankful this morning; not grumpy, just not marvelling at the wonder of beauty around me, blah blah blah. But I was determined to keep up this Thankful Thursday thingy so I made myself think thankful thoughts.

I love our Baby Bjorn. It has brought so much relief to our family over the years. We were late starters with it, only buying one when we had MissyMoo2 (2), our second child. She had reflux, so it was a miracle way of getting her to sleep while still being able to manage our then-toddler MissyMoo1 (5). Then, when MissyMoo3 (7 months) was in the pavlik harness for her hips, it was again a miracle way of getting her to sleep or just settle her, when I needed to use my hands for other things.

I haven't used it much lately though. Since MissyMoo3 started sitting up, it has just been easier to put her in the little stroller. In fact, the little stroller comes out everywhere we go, leaving redundant the Baby Bjorn and the big-mother-of-a-three-wheeler-pram-with-toddler-seat. Or so I thought...

We've had a few germs in our house in recent days. MissyMoo3 is recovering from her cold, but MissyMoo2 is still at the tired, sniffly stage - the stage at which it's even too much to ask to get her to walk one block to MissyMoo1's bus stop. Ordinarily, I would have brought out the big-mother-of-a-three-wheeler-pram-with-toddler-seat in this situation for MissyMoo3 and MissyMoo2 to share. But no. The big-mother-of-a-three-wheeler-pram-with-toddler-seat is out of action at the moment awaiting minor repairs that I just haven't gotten around to doing.

So yesterday afternoon, out came the trusty Baby Bjorn. (I'm thankful for my slackness at not listing it for sale on eBay yet - might have to put that on the backburner for a while). MissyMoo3 looks out on the world in that, MissyMoo2 plonks into the little stroller and MissyMoo1 walks. And it works. But only because it's a short distance to walk. I'm also thankful that the bus stop isn't too far away from home!

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  1. We never had one, although at times my arms and back sure wished we did! Luckily our oldest had grown out of the stroller by the time our 2nd child came along, the only problem now is that the little miss sees her big brother (her idol) walking around and she wants OUT of the stroller. It's great that you found a solution to your school pick-up dilemma, and that the bus stop isn't far away!

    1. Nooo, not out of the stroller, then they can escape!

      The next bus stop adventure after I wrote this post was done in the car, as it was raining.

  2. I'm a baby wearer from way back, and although my back problems meant I couldn't do it very much with my little two I'm so grateful for the times I had my hands free and my babe close to my heart <3

    1. It's the best of both worlds, isn't it Kate :-)


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