17 May 2012

Thankful Thursday

Is it Thursday again already? Yay, I've managed to remember two weeks in a row!

Today I'm thankful for my Hubby - generally speaking, of course, but more specifically because of the extra responsibilities he's taking on at home. (The way to a mum's heart is via the vacuum cleaner!)

With my return to work imminent (more on that in a not-too-distant-future post), starting this week Hubby and I have been re-jigging the home responsibilities to help with "balance". Hubby takes MissyMoo1 (5) to the bus stop in the mornings for school and is cooking two nights per week (he is so awesome, just sayin').

So now I find myself leading a charmed life, in which I am doing less at home than I'm used to doing, but not yet back at my paid job. And it feels great.


  1. Popping over from katesaysstuff - it is so good to hear that home duties are getting shared - love that he is happy to help in preparation for you going back to work.
    Have a great day !

  2. That's lovely to read Francesca :) Live it when a partnership is truly just that :)

  3. Nothing like a man that can operate a stove and a vacum cleaner!!

  4. What a fantastic hubby you have. What a keeper!

  5. An, lovely to hear that other husbands are equally fab! Just delivered breakfast in bed to mine. I think he wondered what I had done that I needed to make amends for! ;)


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