12 May 2012

Why Geelong won't win another premiership

The Crows smashed the Cats today, so I feel it is timely for me to say my piece.

I am a Geelong Cats supporter in the AFL. I have never lived in Geelong, in fact, I have never lived in Victoria, but I have always supported the Cats. I wasn't even tempted to change my allegiences when I lived in Sydney for a time. My mum and her family settled in Geelong when they came to Australia from Italy, which is when the Cats barracking began.

I have been to only one AFL match, which was Cats v Swans in Sydney in 2005 - before the Cats got good. But, I have watched many on tv.

I lived my childhood in AFL disappointment. I remember the bitter disappointment of the '89 grand final and then the same feeling of hope turning to despair in '95.

In 2007, I dared not dream. But then ... I dared just a little bit. And then rejoiced! In 2008, I was a little down, but triumph in 2009 helped me to bury that with a new wave of euphoria.

I developed a theory. A theory which I still hold true to this day. It is a theory which gave me certainty that the Cats would be again victorious in the 2011 grand final (which they were). It is a simple hypothesis:

  • MissyMoo1 was born in November 2006. The first AFL grand final following her birth = Geelong victory.
  • MissyMoo2 was born in June 2009. The first AFL grand final following her birth = Geelong victory.
  • MissyMoo3 was born in September 2011 (only a matter of days before the big game). The first AFL grand final following her birth = Geelong victory.

It's simple. Whenever I have a baby, thereupon follows a Cats premiership.

Here's the thing: Hubby and I aren't planning on having any more kidlets. So Cats, I'm afraid your premiership-winning days are over ... for this generation at least. I won't be changing my allegiance, but I'm not expecting anything special.

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