20 May 2012

Wiggly developments

How's my timing? Very soon after my Wiggly blog post, came this article about a very new line-up for the Wiggles commencing in the new year.

I'm really happy that we got to see the original four before this announcement.

As with when Sam left the group, I have seen many opinions expressed about it on the interwebs, from positive, to scathing, and some in between.

Seriously, I think people just need to cool down a bit! Kids are resilient and they will be fine getting used to the new Wiggles. The old songs and dvds are still there; the new ones will have a new look, sound and style. So what? The kids might have a few questions about it, but if parents/carers answer them rationally and simply, most of the kids will nod, shrug their shoulders and get on with it. If we think the kids can't handle it, then we're not giving our children nearly enough credit.

The guys have been doing this for over 20 years. Retirement was bound to happen. The characters and the blue wiggle will still be there to keep some continuity. At least they're not folding the group completely. They're still going to be making kids smile, sing and dance with their music. Surely that's the most important thing.


  1. I agree. Hi 5 have survived a dozen line up changes and they're going strong. Better to revitalise the brand than to go stale and disappear after such a successful career. Kids need energetic, enthusiastic performers and the Wiggles give it all when they're on stage. There's got to come a time when you need a bit of time off from all that smiling (and Wiggling!).


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