20 June 2012

Parallel universe

The last couple of weeks since starting work seem to have gone very quickly. I sometimes feel like I'm leading a double life, and that when I'm sitting happily in one existence, the other is a parallel universe.

A few hours ago, I was sitting at a computer in corporate-wear (including awesome shoes), reading legislation, drinking coffee and drafting documents. Before sitting down to my computer at home just now, I was baking cupcakes in my kitchen for MissyMoo1's (5) cake stall at school tomorrow, dressed in my pjs, ugg boots and beanie (yes it's cold).

As people, we really are multi-faceted beings, aren't we? There's just so much to any one person, and yet we're always attempting to put people in a box, to categorise them in some way...

Anyway, time to ice these cupcakes...

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