23 June 2012

Scarf and beanie set for MissyMoo2

I've completed another knitting project!

MissyMoo2 (3) was very excited about me knitting these for her. I chose those colours because they're very girly, and she is such a girly girl.

She has had the scarf for a few weeks now, but I only finished the beanie a couple of days ago. When I gave her the beanie this morning, I put it on her head, but she took it straight off. She likes it, but she doesn't want to wear it!


  1. Kids! Fickle I tells ya!

    That looks great. I tried knitting once. It didn't take (useless at that kind of thing) but I have always wished I could do it.

    And never mind, she will probably change her mind later. That's what kids do.

    1. Surprisingly, I'm not upset, Michelle. But I do hope she wears it before she grows out of it!


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