25 June 2012

A special day for MissyMoo2

Those of you who have been reading my blog posts lately may have noticed that my description of MissyMoo2 has changed from "MissyMoo2 (2)" to "MissyMoo2 (3)". If you had not noticed, please go to your CV and remove the term "attention to detail" from your list of strengths. It's ok, I'll wait.

Done? Good. Let's continue.

Yes, my beautiful MissyMoo2 turned three early last week, so early in the week that the appropriate thing to have done would have been to celebrate her birthday the preceding weekend. This, unfortunately, was not possible. The Saturday of the preceding weekend, we had a naming ceremony for our friend's first child to attend. It was a very important day for this new family and something we couldn't miss, even more so as they had attended all of our MissyMoos' baptisms. So, no birthday celebrations that day. The Sunday of the preceding weekend was MissyMoo1's best friend from school's birthday party. It's her best friend, our families have also become friends this year and Rupunzel was coming - there was no way there could have been a clash there.

Hubby and I discussed it, wondering if we should celebrate twice: on the actual day and then the following Saturday. If we did that, when would we do cake? When would we do presents? If there was only a couple of days difference between the birthday and the party we could have dragged it out. But it just seemed that little bit to long. Yes, we are a birthday week family. But a birthday week to a three-year-old would have just seemed like a birthday eternity.

In the end we made a decision, which we still think was the right one in the circumstances, but which is laced with a tinge of regret. We decided not to tell MissyMoo2 that it was her birthday on her actual birthday. We decided to tell her that her birthday was Saturday.

It felt weird. We lied to her. We had to be sneaky, telling relatives not to ring on her actual birthday, but on Saturday. We organised Skype calls with interstate relatives for Saturday. I didn't let MissyMoo1 (5) mark off the days on the calendar (a job she loves doing), lest she realise that the day written down for MissyMoo2's birthday had already been crossed off.

MissyMoo2 didn't know any better. She was fine. But we knew. We knew when she actually turned three. And Hubby and I both noticed during that week that she seemed ... three, but we couldn't tell her so. I was preparing her for turning three, saying she was a big girl, asking her how old she was. Occasionally I would let slip: "You're three now", to which MissyMoo1 would pipe up: "No she's not, it's not her birthday yet", and I just had to hold my tongue.

Incidentally, last week was the beginning of the Target Toy Sale. One night, Hubby went out to get a few things, and, feeling a little guilty about the whole date-shifting-subterfuge, we overcompensated a little in the presents department:

It seemed like a really loooong week to get through. But once we got to Saturday, MissyMoo2 really enjoyed her birthday party with her immediate family and Nonna and Par. Much like last year, the MissyMoos had a wonderful day at home, dressing up and playing in the sunshine. Even MissyMoo3 (8 months) got out there, eating grass and squealing at her sisters. We figured that this is probably the last year we can do this low-key family thing with MissyMoo2 (well, without protest anyway), as next year she will be at pre-school and will have friends of her own who she might want to invite over on her birthday.

We had a cake made at a local bakery, as I'm great at cupcakes, but not so crash hot at the big ones. (I know my limits!)

This one was delicious. True to form, MissyMoo2 ate the icing and the cream.

She had a great day. And now we can say, both officially and unofficially, we have a three-year-old again.

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