07 June 2012

Thankful Thursday again - Awesomeness

So this week's Thankful Thursday has a theme. But I only have a birthday week once per year, so I've decided to keep that off-topic Thankful Thursday post and write another on theme.

"The idea here is to push modesty aside and talk about three things that are awesome about you without fear or guilt or any sense of self promotion - just an honest account of why you rock.

And then you get to choose three other people, state why YOU think they are awesome and tag them so they know about it. Hopefully they then might want to join in as well!"

Why I am awesome:

1. I am dedicated: to my family, friends, work, interests and hobbies. This post is a prime example of my awesomeness, with my dedication to writing not one, but two Thankful Thursday posts ... in my birthday week. (Did I mention it's my birthday week?)

2. I have a lot of love in my heart and I always try to show it. If I fail, I just try again.
3. I'm a bit silly and like to have a laugh. I don't take myself too seriously.
Three people I think are awesome
1. Gina: She is an amazing friend; someone who, in the early stages of our friendship, saw me at my most vulnerable, "practically" delivered my baby and then stayed on as a good friend. She is quirky, funny and a wonderful story-teller. I'm so happy she's in my life.
2. Hilary: She is one of the first bloggers I followed who I don't know personally. I love reading her blog - it's so honest and down-to-earth. She's had a rough few weeks with baby illness, but she is still being selfless and thinking about her kids 100%. What a great mum!
3. Lara: She is a great writer and mum. I feel like I connect with her, and our kids are roughly the same ages. She is interesting, funny and I enjoy reading her take on many wonderful things, including fab book reviews.
Linking up with Kate from kate says stuff for Thankful Thursday.


  1. Thankyou so much for joining in Francesca, especially during your birthday week :)

  2. That is dedication, especially in your Festival of Francesca! X

    You're awesome!

    1. Ooh, Festival of Francesca, I like that!

      Thanks, so are you :-)

  3. Thank you so much Francesca! I will look forward to passing this on in a blog post in the near future!

  4. love it and happy birthday blessings

  5. Francesca,
    Happy Birthday & I think you are beautiful. Seeing you & your girls each week is one of my highlights.
    Sharon xx


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