14 June 2012

Thankful Thursday: Sunshine

Yes, this is just a photo of the sky over my backyard.
Nothing special, you might think. Except that it is something special.

It's blue.

This week, our weather has consisted of downpours, dumping huge amounts of water in a nanosecond with little visibility, broken up by dreary grey skies and showers.

When I saw this view this morning, I got excited. Nice weather makes me happy. I smiled. The washing machine went berserk. I thought I might even take the kids out for a walk.

I am glad I took this photo about half an hour ago, because it doesn't look quite as good now. Having said that, there is still a bit of blue in our sky, and the washing machine is still going berserk. I hope to be able to hang it out. I still hope to go for that walk.

I am thankful for blue skies after a week of grey. Even if it may only be fleeting, I am thankful for the hope that a break in the weather can bring.

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  1. oh blue... blue skies i miss them!! you are very lucky for a blue sky ;)

  2. There is something special about blue skies after an onslaught of grey. It makes you realise how much you might otherwise take it for granted.

  3. Oh I'm so glad you got that flash of blue sky. We had a couple of glorious sunny days here even if they were freezing, loved it!


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